Web Citizen

For over a decade I have worked on the web focussing on user-centred design. I made my first site in 1998. Fortunately, the fate of Tripod means that it is obscured from public view, saving your eyes and mine; here's hoping the Internet Archive never gets to resurrect those disasters.

I'm a User Experience Coach and recognised mentor by The UXPA and a moderator for the #local_uk channel at @DesignerHangout, an international Slack community for UX Designers.
I've worked on some interesting projects and some downright dreadful ones, but who hasn't?

Tune In, Drop Out

Music is my biggest passion. In 2013, after 7 years Here There Be Monsters split. I was a guitarist in the band for 3 years, co-managed the band and distribution label Black Match Records with life-long friend and illustrator Anthony Giles. We released 2 eps and a live album; all are available for free on bandcamp, toured the UK and Europe and got to share a stage with some of our favourite artists, and some that we didn't like so much.

Between 1999 and 2002 I was Sound Engineer, Booker and Promoter at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells. I ran the local talent series Monday Night Showcase for two years, started numerous short lived side projects, collaborated on youth action schemes with the Arts Council and Muzikanski. I went on tour with several UK acts and once got snowed in for an entire weekend with only the contents of the bar, a fan heater for warmth and half a pack of wine gums.

I got to work with some amazing bands and some not so great ones, but who hasn't?

On Two Wheels

Take a look at my parents and you wouldn't expect them to have spent the majority of their free time riding motorcycles around the world. I waited too long to get my licence, but finally did in 2011. I've passed courses at the Ron Haslam Race School, Advanced Rider Training ad even have a certificate in emergency roadside training.

Any dry minute is spent exploring the south east's country roads on my Yamaha R1.

Ron Haslam Racing School, Donnington Park where I passed the introduction course with 86%.

Some of my earliest biking memories include sitting on Barry Sheen's bike and freezing my little bits off on the Isle of Man for the TT.

I've had some amazing adventures on motorbikes and some miserable, cold, soaking wet ones, but who hasn't?