Xbox One, now with less Kinect

Well I’d like to thank Microsoft for saving me some time debating on what to do with my Kinect. The recent announcement that they will be shipping new consoles without the all seeing eye concreted its fate as a dust collecting failure. This weekend, I disconnected it for the last time, and I’ll never plug it back in.The thing that frustrates me is that this giant leech is responsible for a number of useful features; all of which I am sure will be resolved in the June patches such as auto-sign in (wtf you can’t just auto sign in when you only have 1 account in the system is a mystery), and the ability to say “Xbox On” and “Xbox Turn Off. Yes” which is about the most the voice commands are capable of.

I had two Kinect games neither of which I was able to play as it got stuck in a continuous loop of peek-a-boo like with Kinect Sports where I held my hand out to start a race only to be thrown back to the menu screen whilst it complained it couldn’t see me. I’m right here asshole! You signed me in OK with your half cocked visual recognition – which incidentally stopped working as soon as I stopped wearing glasses and started wearing contact lenses.

The Kinect was Microsoft’s USP for the Xbox One. You may think that sounds inaccurate, but wrapped up tightly with this slab of plastic failure is all the guts of the Xbox One’s integration with all other appliances in your living room – the original objective for this next-gen machine was to be the single media/entertainment unit in your living room. Without it, it’s just another games console and it’s not doing all that great at that either right now. Performance wise it is failing at every turn in comparison to its market rival the Playstation 4. With the exception of Microsoft invested Forza 5, there isn’t a game running at full 1080p and 60fps. The Xbox Live Arcade that kept the Xbox 360 afloat for quite a few years has yet to really get off the ground compared to the wealth of releases on Playstation Network (PSN), and right now all software houses are porting their games across 4 machines (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 ,PS3).

In November at the 1 year anniversary of Xbox One, Microsoft will have to pull out some big guns and I am telling you, all they have up their sleeve is yet another Halo game that only appeals to American frat boys and those who don’t enjoy games as much as they enjoy slagging other people off via voice chat.