Why I deleted Readability app

Since buying my iPad back in 2012 it’s main use has been to either watch something or read something.

iBooks has given me the opportunity to fall in love with fiction again as well as quenching my thirst for learning whilst Netflix has enabled me to see American TV shows so mediocre that they’ve never been optioned in the UK.

Readability was one of the first apps I downloaded. The idea of now being able to take the laundry list of bookmarked articles I had in my browser, remove the crap from the page and be able to read at my leisure excited me.

But now I’ve deleted Readability. I no longer add articles to my list, I don’t even bother to bookmark things anymore in the off chance I’ll read them later and the reason? TL;DR.

I realised that the articles I was adding into Readability were of a certain length which meant they weren’t holding my attention for long enough for me to finish them at the point of finding them. When I did get to them in Readability what I then discovered is because most of the time as well as being overly long, they were just uninteresting articles – that’s why I didn’t read them fully the first time around.

http://tldr.io/ is a service designed to overcome this where contributors summarise articles into the key points saving you the time on reading all those extra words.

I’m not against long-form journalism but I’m not the kind of person who will sit and collect articles and read them later, it’s then or never.