What is a Landing Page?

Work with any marketer on a website and they will talk to you about landing pages, the money spent on optimising and designing landing pages and why they want them. So, what are they?

The term ‘landing page’ comes from web analytics. The ‘landing page’ is the page which a visitor first comes to when visiting your site. You can put money into banner ads, adwords and other campaigns to generate traffic to this page and tailor it’s content to reflect the terms that a user searched for before clicking through.

The problem

Why have I got such an issue with landing pages? Because every page on your site is a landing page if the content contains the information somebody was searching for.

The idea of needing hundreds of customised pages to catch traffic is a strong indicator that your content is not what people want, instead you are trying to force feed them, essentially link baiting to get traffic into your little crevice of the web.

My solution

Learn about your audience and create content that they are interested in to start with. You’re right to say that no single page is able to appeal to everyone. That’s why you should define your audiences first and find out what they want, then create content to suit. You do not need another page to trap people.