What happened to game demos?

With the latest generation of consoles comes a new paradigm to encouraging software sales for the Xbox One and PS4 and it involves hoping owners will purchase all games based on the limited library to-date.

I don’t really remember what PSN Store looked like back when I managed to get a PS3 in exchange for a mobile phone contract. The console had been out a while by that point, and I went straight out and bought Uncharted which had only just been released. But what I do remember is that almost every game that was available on the high-street had a demo available through the store.

Since trading my Xbox One in and trading up (or down, yet to be confirmed) I have noticed that there are virtually no demos or trial versions available for new releases. This is a format that even app developers for IOS have worked out – you’re more likely to convert a customer if they can at least see if they like your game.

So how come Sony’s new console is still only showing demo’s for launch title games released last November?

The other thing I have noticed about the PS4’s PSN Store is that it is using a subtle trick of showing ‘content’ in the catalogue by displaying titles available to PS3 and PS Vita. This makes bugger all sense. Yes, there has been a way to transfer games to Vita via he PS3, but the best way has always been to download direct to the device, and as for PS3 titles, well they can’t be played or viewed in any way on PS4 so why are you showing me this?