This week has been a balancing act.
Monday was written off by a cold that I lost the whole weekend to. It did give me the time to find out what has happened with my tax return paper work; culminating in a 45 minute on-hold call with a very short loop musak.

Transpires back in November last year they processed the wrong forms and I was never enabled for submitting online. Now I have to wait for another 2 weeks to get the pin code to log in to then waste a morning filing a tax return for half a year.

This week @clearleft has been full on. I’m balancing updates and evolution of a prototype that we decided would be best served going straight into HTML whilst getting a new promo site off the ground.

I met up with Adnan and Emma from Hatch to see what they’re working on at the moment as the new site comes ever closer to launch, John Loch will be most pleased with what seems to be evolving behind the bulk head.

Friday saw the second food market and the Brighthelm Garden so we all took a stroll up to see what the score was. It’s a great idea and I think bringing some independence back into b’town which frankly is starting to lose its sparkle as more and more chain stores flood the town centre.