Week notes May 24th 2019

This week, I’ve been mostly eating bourbon biscuits.

It was the final official week of user research on the current project I’m on. I had a number of calls with people about things lining up for July time, a few interesting opportunities but I gave up talking in too much detail about speculative work a long time ago so you’ll have to hold your horses.

I’ve been getting ready for next Wednesday (California Superbike School) and the next episode of The UX Coach podcast which will be ready for your ears on Tuesday when you wake up. This episode is with the founder of Progression App which is a platform for design managers to support developing their teams careers. It was a great episode, really interesting tale so go subscribe because the season is nearly over.

I caught up with Tim, my collaborator in All My Friends Are Going Deaf, to discuss life, and whether we should do something this year with the band – or if we even have time.

Hugely enjoyed the Anniversary updates in Overwatch, particularly the Yeti chase, and just stunned that everyone I know seems to have clocked up a crazy number of hours and I’m way behind.

Been reflecting a lot on what does and doesn’t work in government digital services. I feel there’s still a lot that doesn’t work and that poxy design / dev glorified waterfall disguised as agile is really buggering it up for everyone. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, if you show someone a process that is linear a) it is not embracing the lean startup culture that government actually wants and b) you will fail to do the right thing in favour of passing exams (oh the irony).

Got to catch up with a few of the people I’ve been mentoring over the last few years which has been really nice to see how they’ve evolved and that for the most part, they’re happier where they are now compared to when I first met them.

Next week is a short one with a bank holiday in the UK and I’ll be racing on another one so it’s paperwork, paperwork, a ‘mock assessment’ (I mean seriously, how daft is that) and then more paperwork.