Week notes – August 18-22nd 2014

I started this week at 5am on Monday, once again blurry eyed staggering towards the train station heading for Gatwick for another two days work in Copenhagen. For the last fortnight I’ve been working with @iambenwhite on a design sprint which has been on the chaotic and haphazard side. At least this time we got to spend a bit of time in the city after choosing to find accommodation in an area that was more central, plus I not only got a room rather than a sofa but a proper shower. We’ve noticed there is an aspect of Airbnb that involves embellishing on the truth of your apartment far worse than any estate agent could conjure.

I finally got out on the bike in the dry for the first time this month and tried out my new RST 1piece suit. It’s going to take a few runs out to really break them in but it’s already started to loosen up and get comfortable. This week I’ve had two separate deliveries for wet weather gear for my trip to Europe in September (leathers are not waterproof) which have been a total failure. The first courtesy of Helmet City who delivered me a jacket instead of a suit and then Sportsbikeshop where I ordered a medium RST 1piece rain suit and my goodness are they small. That’ll be going back next week and instead I’ll be heading to Blacks or something of the like to get a new larger pair of waterproof trousers – hopefully without holes this time – and a rain jacket because the HRC one I bought is in fact far from waterproof (Thanks Honda, that’s why now I have a Suzuki).

I’m a fair way into Infamous Second Son and conclude it’s the same game as the last 2 only with even more irritating control bugs. When will there be a racer on the PS4? I’m actually missing my XboxOne a little. I’ve noticed that the PS4 is quite cold, both in its design and interface, the XboxOne had a brutish exterior without a doubt but the Microsoft UI design felt inviting somehow, something lost in the dead blue expanse of the Sony UI. Even though it frustrated me with the quality of games Forza 5 was pretty spectacular and allowed for casual pick up and play as well as some heavy sessions.

With the start of the week involving Cami’s bike being stolen from outside our flat my intention to buy a mountain bike are now well and truly on the back burner as there is absolutely nowhere to secure it or store it.

I’m looking forward to the Eurotrip in September, although this is now surrounded by frequent travel to Denmark which it seems is going to be a constant factor in my life for the next 4 months at least.