Week notes 3rd May 2019

#ResearchOps all the thingzzz. Having to cancel the Brighton Research Ops breakfast meetup this week due to an attendance of 2 – and we had lunch together the previous week, I’ve also notified TeamReOps+ that I wont be hosting/facilitating a skills framework workshop on the South coast of England. Again because frankly there’s no businesses here, everyone works in London now because the Brighton economy has tanked so .. meh.

I’ve been running user research sessions, having managed to get the budget way, way down by canning all travelling and doing things remote and guess what – it also means people are in fact more available too. Plus I’ve just saved a load of wasted hours in transport maximising the day FTW.

Recruitment panel spun up for the project I am on, which then tied into another lovely catchup albeit far too brief with Sophie Boyd, Head of User Research at Department for Education, and a few other research teams. Finally feels like strands are being tied together.

Rehearsal (the one and only rehearsal) for the Deftones cover band gig which is… tonight in Tunbridge Wells. It’ll be fun! The vocalist landed from the USA two days ago and so he’ll be pleasantly surprised that we are in fact a well oiled machine…

Ongoing Twitter debate with an engineer head at Starling as to why trying to appease people’s way of thinking based on the paradigm they’re trying to break is both daft and exhausting.

Did something strange to my leg at the gym and am hobbling. Annoyed me because a) I thought I was hitting some PBs with weight and reps, and because I wanted to go climbing again this week.

Bought tickets to see Sleep in October.

Ate lots of chicken based dishes.