We are regressing web design with Zoetropes

Once in a while I’ll go on a handful of naff list sites like Creative Bloq and trawl through their ‘10 sites that have great blah’ posts and now and then I’ll find something that makes me think. Today it’s this http://www.eone-time.com/.

This mixture of scrolling + css animate = animation, isn’t anything new really but it is become more and more common place and I really wish it wasn’t.

Every time I see a site like this, or the often heralded Nike a Better World which thankfully at least for now has dropped its vomit worthy parallax mayhem all I can think of is how old fashioned the concept is. I mean after all what we’re producing is electronic interfaced zoetropes.

I just can’t help but feel that it’s cheap and an awful lot of effort to make the horse go up and down the pole on the merry go round.

Merry go round Zoetrope from Wikimedia.org