UK Government stepping closer to locking down the internet

It’s another blow for net neutrality with Theresa May’s gang setting up the Great British Firewall

All year the government have been working hard to ensure that the internet becomes a controlled governed and restricted place for citizens. They can now access all your data without the need of a court order, or warrant, or even a reason at all. They have forced all ISPs to keep logs of all your web traffic for a minimum of 5 years, every page you visited, every address you typed, service you connected to all kept, all freely accessible to the government and its various agencies.

Today the final announcement for the wholesale blocking of pornographic content on the internet that doesn’t enforce age verification is announced to be mandatory and enforceable from April 2018.

Put the subject matter to one side if you can and think about what this actually means. the UK government – not Turkey, not China, not Greece or Egypt – THE UNITED KINGDOM, are now dictating what you can and cannot see online – based on localised laws. Please remember that www stands for WORLD WIDE WEB, not the UK intranet.

I really want other peoples thoughts and opinions on this.

What does this mean to you?