Titanfall needs an open beta to be successful

In recent weeks the transparency behind this years first Next-Gen blockbuster Titanfall has been impressive. Microsoft will be leaning on developer Respawn for a big white glowing X in the win column for their next-gen Xbox One exclusive.

Recently, one of the team at Respawn recently took to a neogaf thread to discuss their experiences to-date with marketing the first person shooter which unlike other titles such as Call of Duty or Battlefield is an online multiplayer and doesn’t include a campaign mode.

Last week it was confirmed that Titanfall was now beginning closed alpha testing, today Community Manager at Respawn Abbie Heppe tweeted “it’s possible” in response to the question “do you think we’ll get an open beta”.

I cannot see how Titanfall will be able to launch without an open beta, it’s not the first game of this nature to be launched and some of those have had catastrophic lifespans. Brink was just one of these titles. I played Brink, or tried to at Eurogamer, boasting its massive customisation options and 32 player matches. But it bombed with people not feeling like taking the risk on investing in a game which doesn’t have the option to play by yourself in the event the multiplayer doesn’t live up to expectation.

Console gamers are still not fully on-board with the idea of multiplayer online only gaming, although we’re close with most people buying the last few additions to the CoD and BF series purely for playing online. With a new generation of gamers taking up next-gen consoles and the currently disgusting price tags for new releases, it is going to be tougher and tougher for publishers to not succeed without demos and betas to gain buy in from the markets.