There’s nothing wrong with a bit of paint swap

I didn’t get to watch the MotoGP until yesterday and all I have to say is Marquez is the rider needed in the sport, everyone knew it last year he just sewed it up this weekend.

There will be many people who say he’s dangerous, still green, call it whatever you like what I saw is the excitement of a ride who is going for it just like Rossi 10 years ago, you need to youth, you need the minimum number of scrapes so that you still have that edge.

We’ve all seen it, very few can come out of a near fatal incident with the same risk taking they went into it with. Rossi has never recovered from that tumble at Mugello, Damon Hill never pushed the envelope after watching Senna it is only natural.

So here we have, this young 20 year old, #93 full of energy, just what the Doctor ordered.