The Wolf Among Us – A game from the world of Fables

I got turned on to Fables by a friend last year who leant me the first three books. Fables is the story of the characters from the Grimm Fairytales living in the real world. Sound familiar? It should do because ABC’s Once Upon A Time ripped the idea, watered it down and is now into it’s third season. It is nowhere near as well written and developed as the original Vertigo Comics.

I found the trailer today for The Wolf Among Us by Telltale games, the makers of the successful Walking Dead point and click adventures. I have to confess I have started and not dug into the first Walking Dead title a dozen times now. There’s just something about it I am not engaged with. Perhaps it is Zombie overload, I don’t know.

Watching the trailer it feels like this may be following the first book from Fables, with our protagonist Bigby Wolf being brought to a bloody murder without a body however the synopsis explains this is set prior to the first novel.

It’s out at the end of this month and I think I may actually play this on the Mac. There’s a special offer on at Telltale too.