The revolution will not be televised, you’ll make it in the garden shed

This week saw the launch of Dubbed as the Pirate Bay for 3D printing, they’ve hit major news headlines for their desire to publish blueprints for firearms. Now, I cannot agree with this notion and find the way in which founder Cody Wilson is going about raising money for the project. I don’t agree with access to firearms for the general public and especially in that there is no justifiable reason for a member of the public to own an AR-15; you shouldn’t bare arms full stop. However, my instant thought was to revert back to James Burke speaking last year at dConstruct. In his closing he presented a view of the near future and nano factories in every home.

Pushing further down the page and reading the manifesto for Defcad, you may be forgiven into thinking that this is in fact somebody attempting to move closer towards this potential utopia of self sustainability with his statements relating to law change, regulation and patent owners kicking up about the ability to print your own Ford GT for example. You would be wrong. There is no agenda from Wilson other than to stir up some shit and rebel against a government he doesn’t like. He is in the truest form a fuckhead.

Sadly, I believe that we need these fuckhead’s to be able to reach an existence where there is no currency, there is no need to work, anything you could want you can have. The future whereby everyone has their own nano factory slowly creating just the things they need and enjoying the world in which we inhabit.

James Burke audio from dConstruct

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