The old two Google accounts problem

As part of my continued move to migrate to a single domain I was faced with a long term disease. Multiple Google Accounts. This all stems from not being able to switch username and or email address associated with Youtube. It’s still bloody ridiculous and actually goes against everything Google wants so why they still maintain this crap system I have no idea.

I had inadvertently made matters worse back in 2009 when I moved to an android phone and thought I would save myself time by using an existing Google account (the one I setup the youtube channel on).

Well in your face Google, I’m making a mess of your system today by setting my phone to use my new Google Apps domain, sharing all the content in Drive from my other account + export/import of contacts and calendars meaning yet another abandoned Google account gumming up the works.

It does mean I still have to use it for Uploading to my Youtube channel and since I only recently merged the two I already had I am now downloading and re-uploading all that again.