The Insurance scam and comparison debacle

For anyone who has or still owns a vehicle you will all know the pain I have experienced this week. It’s been a week that has left me mentally exhausted as to the disgust I hold for the insurance industry as I try to find that elusive fairly priced insurance policy for a new bike.The reality is whenever it comes to purchasing a new vehicle it doesn’t happen at the same time as all the moons aligning, it just doesn’t. My biggest issue since gaining my motorcycle licence has been racking up no-claims, which is as we all know the justification for driving your quotes down along with 101 other factors that are made up day to day and kept under lock and key.

By the end of yesterday, I’d driven myself to tears with the stress, taken insurance with one company that made me feel unbelievably uncomfortable and like they were dodgy – cancelled that and gone with a high-street known brand.

And in finding this final policy is what I wanted to share because it highlighted the inconsistency, make-uppery that is the insurance industry.

For motorcyclists, The Bike Insurer is a pretty respectable and known comparison site. On doing some research I discovered that there are a number of sites that are using The Bike Insurer engine, or white-labelling the service.

Amongst these was Tesco which I decided to give a go. I entered 1-2-1 exact details that I had put in The Bike Insurer at the same time and ran the searches. Both came back with completely different figures from different brokers. I was completely perplexed as to how the same search engine can produce different results just because it is being hosted with separate companies?

As a result, I got my insurance via the Tesco instance of the search and that’s the end of that bullshit for another year.