The Engine Business Analogy

In a MotoGP race season, you get a maximum of 5 engines as a manufacturer team, you are expected to be able to manage your bikes efficiently in order for these engines to last the 18 races in a year. You drive to the limit all the time, changing up a gear when you hit the red on the rev limiter until you max out. Spending too much time at a high RPM causes the engine to fail. If you blow up an engine in the first quarter of the season that engine will never be used again. You can’t repair them. You can’t add bits on and hope it will do one last race and you can’t stick two broken engines together and make one slightly less shit one. It is scrap. Ready for the heap. If you’re lucky you can sell it to an artist, to be turned into a coffee table base to be plonked in some rich guy’s apartment in Monte Carlo, only to be seen for 1 week of every year when the race comes to town.