The cloud is more than air and water

What is ‘The Cloud’ and how is it affecting our lives? CMTAW is a project investigating the acoustic ecology and impact of cloud computing on the lives of those who use it, the places it is physically located in and the people who work to maintain it.

The project my brother has been working on for the last year is going to be on display in Birmingham between August 21st and 22nd. The location is secret, as has been much of the machinations behind this project which has gone somewhat viral in recent months with Matt’s work being featured on many blogs and landed him on BBC Radio and a few stations in the USA. His Tumblr alone has been fascinating with its documentation of environmental effects of cloud computing that you may not have thought about. You can see preview for CMTAW Installation V1.0 on his Tumblr and if you would like to find out how to access the installation contact the project via