Teamsport Go-Karts, Lancing

A few weeka ago, Cami and I joined a few friends for a night at Team Sport‘s Brighton (Lancing actually) indoor track forĀ  two rounds of intense enduro. We were all new to the circuit and facilities situated on the Lancing Industrial estate just a few miles from Shoreham Airport, and were all impressed with how well they have kept the place.

The track itself is reasonably well maintained, although the wood panelling on the bridge could do with levelling out, and the karts themselves felt adequate for the short track.

It was the first time I had been for a few years, and longer still since running at an indoor circuit and within seconds I had remembered how physically semanding it is.

Over the course of the first session I got faster and fadter through the bacl section to the point of using the back straight sidewall as a bumper – probably not the best tactic, and finishing 4/7 with Cami behind by a few seconds in 5th.

The second round things got a bit hairier with everyone really pushing themselves and the kart capabilities. I span on the exit of the bridge trying to brake too heavy into the corner. Then a few more spinners cropped up behind going from yellow to red flags, before quite a spectacular up and over from Cami in the back s’s which lost us several minutes towards the end of the session.

Positions remained unchanged but all the times were marginally up. I just can’t figure out how to gain more time. So it’s a good job that after your first visit you’re offered a return for half price. We’ve got our vouchers and will be hwading back before Cami’s big wheel experience at thr end of the summer doing a Mustang GT track day at Brands Hatch