Talk UX 2015

Back in March I spoke at a new conference based on Manchester, Talk UX. I was part of a curated 300 seconds talk session again, alongside people who have either never spoken in public before or are only just starting to get out there.

Slides from content marketing show 2014

Yesterday I spoke at Content Marketing Show in Brighton, UK. An event spun out the back of Brighton SEO, a longstanding event for them marketing types. I have a lot to write about the day in general; not until I have composed my thoughts, but for now here are static slides (there is a lot of video content in this presentation, which I was unable to show). I’ve included the presenter notes I had created and I will eventually make this into a post which makes more sense.

Static slides

Speaking at Content Marketing Show Nov 5th 2014

I’ve decided it’s time to get back on the horse. I’ve taken the year out from doing any public talks after a wonky day at UXCambridge last year where I foolishly attempted to present a thought provoking talk on the use of photography to tell stories to a room of academics whilst in full blown fever with Flu (the real stuff not man sniffles), which I have to say was quite the disaster.

I will be speaking at Content Marketing Show, Brighton on November 5th. The event is run by Brighton SEO, and I wanted to provide the side of the story from a designer. My talk; currently titled Starting Projects Content First will be a 20 minute primer on what as a designer we need before starting a project to keep your costs to what was agreed and delivered on time.

Having worked on design projects in-house and agency side, I have always been surprised when there is an assumption that designers are able to create a generic system for others to dump content into once they’ve worked out what it is. This is never the case. I hope that this talk will help a few people with understand how I’ve started to structure the kickoff of projects at Clearleft, with the use of content exemplars and simple content hierarchy templates. I just hope I can deliver the whole thing without using words like HTML, or semantics.