Staying in Bruge, a long weekend in Belgium

500 Miles, 3 countries, 3 nights, 4 days, 2 filet mignon, 2 waffles mikado, 3 pancakes with chocolate and some kind of fruit, 1 croque monsieur, 1 croissant aux jambon.

2 penalty shoot-outs, 3 Mexicans singing national anthem full-tilt in a bar in Ostend, 1 food and drink festival, 2 trips to the beach in not particularly ideal conditions. 5 pages of a new book read, 8 episodes of The Good Wife season five.


8 cans of Leffe Blonde at 6.9%, 1 bottle of acidic white wine mixed with 1 can of Sprite after 1 glass mixed with Coca Cola (we still haven’t worked out a name for it), 1 chicken salad on paper plates in motel room, 2 packs of mentos, 2 packs of crisps – 1 paprika, 1 ready salted.

A thunder storm, a mild shower, several outbursts of extreme heat followed by light winds. Sunburn in De Haan, rain in Dunkirk, blue skies over Calais, 3 bottles of water and 2 hands of shit head in a car park. 30 minute delay from Calais courtesy of Eurotunnel, drive car into motorcycle lane with a new Fireblade TT special and 2009 Triumph 675 in front and a group of Harley Davidson’s behind – still get on train first. A bizarre shower on the M20, 2.4 miles of 40mph on the M23, a full tank of petrol consumed.