Same old Blood: Wolfenstein

After picking it up a few weeks ago I finished off Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on Xbox One. Prior to selling my Xbox the first time around I had played through Wolfenstein: The New Order and found it just OK. The story was novel, reminded me a little of Resistance on PS3 for some reason, but it was again suffered the FPS grind of non-stop shooting… stuff. Wolfenstein has become synonymous with violent graphical content during its cut scenes, which New Order certainly didn’t fall short of and Old Blood doesn’t step out of this trend with torture, dismemberment and other unpleasantries.

I’m sure it isn’t a case of getting older – I found the entire Dead Space franchise dull as a result of its 80s ultra-violence chique, Wolfenstein The Old Blood was kinda lame. The only reason it took me more than a day to finish this edition was because I couldn’t be patient in the more stealthy sections failing to see the value in not killing everyone, I mean, why would your character, a sole-surviving American Soldier want to spare the lives of a few Nazi troops, or not dismantle the numerous killing machines littered throughout the map?

So far 2015 has had a piss poor release schedule for Xbox One, Ori And The Blind Forest being the only game to have come out this year that has stunned me with how challenging and great I found it, and with Project Cars feeling like a long time to produce something inaccessible to most with it’s twitchy handling, excessive menus and load times and claim to be ‘for the simulation enthusiasts’, I’m starting to once again feel like console gaming has hit a rough patch. We’re now into the second year of the current generation consoles and sales are continuing to grow in their millions, but what is there to offer? The service my Xbox One still provides me more than anything else is access to Youtube with a great autoplay feature on my subscriptions, Netflix, and other television apps.

I’d say we’re swinging back towards the original intention of the Xbox One team of it being the single black box in your living room and if there was a way to receive Virgin media cable TV straight into it without the need for the receiver box it would quite possibly serve that purpose in my household.