Netflix shouldn’t cease and desist ISP errors

It’s a shame that Netflix have chosen to step down their recent customer experience experiment of displaying an error when video began lagging, or timing out that cited the viewers ISP were at fault, because for most of the time – they are.

For the last month my Virgin Media cable connection has been off more than it’s been on. You can see it starting to chug or being throttled down, regardless of whether the ISP claims they are not shaping traffic.

Although Netflix claim it doesn’t relate to Verizon’s cease and desist letter, they’ve certainly taken head of the legal threats from the major providers in the US. Meanwhile, in the UK, 99% of the internet infrastructure is owned by BT and whilst they have worked solidly for the past 20 years to improve the backbone of the UK, the final mile is still a huge problem.

I think Netflix are right to call out service providers. We pay extortionate¬†amounts to of money every month to companies who on the whole provide us with mediocre services. Your cell phone that only gets reception in a small 100 meter radius of your entire town, the internet provider that doesn’t give you a consistent uptime or bandwidth, relying on their claims of *speeds up to XX. We need more apps that bash the infrastructure that is holding them back. It’s like 2014’s rounded corners.