More lessons with the Drift Ghost-S

Today I went out on a bloody amazing ride with the Kent Advanced Motorcycle Group (KAMG). It’s the first time I’ve been out with them since i was doing my advanced rider training with them back in 2012.

I went out today with some updated settings on the Drift Ghost S. I wanted to sort out two things. Firstly, shooting at 24fps to see whether it made it smoother viewing but still at 1080p for best quality. The second thing I changed was the FOV, or field of view setting to 90 degrees.

This as it turns out is a huge huge mistake. I found the reason on the Innovation knowledge base. The FOV settings are actually digital crops, same as the zoom setting. If only I had known because the third thing I wanted to test was a change in the official Drift Ghost laravel microphone and I have nailed it!

I have run the mic back through the cheek pad as I had done previously only this time let it poke out the front so that it was sat basically in front of my mouth and then set the volume down to the lowest setting, or 1/3.

Audio is totally perfect, good times. video was totally shit, bad times.

Next weekend is British Super Bikes at Brands Hatch on bank holiday monday, I’ll have it all totally sorted for then, although it’ll be a two-up run with Cami on the back so it’ll be slowly slowly catchy monkey.

I’m almost at the point where I can do some motovlogging, slowly.