Lo-fi camera pole with Gorillapod

Second test video with the Drift Ghost-S. I wanted to experiment with a few things after giving the helmet mount a bash.

I wanted to see how it handles auto ISO when you’re in hard sunlight and today is certainly the day for it. It’s pretty good in fairness. You’ll see there is obvious shadowing in the foreground when the sun is directly behind me and in line of sight of the lens. When I move the pole up, the overall exposure of the shot is more balanced.

The second is experimenting with using a Gorilla Pod as a pole. This was just an idea I had after seeing the XSories Big Deluxe Tripod which is essentially a padded Gorilla Pod.

My Gorilla Pod is just short of 200mm, just 80 shy of the Xsories, but it’s clear for ergonomics (i.e. not having to have your arm up too high) that 80mm makes a difference, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that the Gorilla Pod will serve as a very good makeshift camera pole. We’ll see how it fairs on the snow next week.