Infamous 2

I’ve just finished Infamous 2 on PS3 courtesy of the PSN Plus instant game collection.

As with the first game in the series, the comic book stylings and plot appealed to me but it was marred with shoddy controls.

Same as with the Assassins Creed series, the free to running aspects just don’t work without serious amounts of frustration being passed onto the controller. Regularly our hero Cole jumps and floats around ladders, overshoots a tram line or falls 100 stories instead of grabbing the next ledge down.

In spite of this, I have still enjoyed it, but I would have put more time and exploration into it if I it weren’t for the controls. All the way through both games I couldn’t work out whether projectiles or hand to hand combat was meant to be the optimum attack mechanism. Until you’ve dented a fair bit of side missioning (how you unlock upgrades) your projectiles are pretty weak but with everyone shooting bullets at you getting in close enough for some rough and tumble proves equally as hard.

The second instalment was certainly a vast improvement on the first (Which I have to say I gave up on 2/3rds in) and the art direction was considerably better.

Another feature which I completely ignored was that of playing a mission created by other players. A trend that has been around a long time now I just don’t get it. If I wanted to play half baked ideas from the guy in the flat next door I’d ask him what he’s released on XBLA and buy his junk. It’s a theme in games of late that I would like to see go because it dilutes the quality of the content for me.