If you don’t read it there and then don’t save it

For the last 2 years I have been using readability to bookmark things I want to read but not at that moment and for a while it worked well.

In the last few months however I have noticed a shift in my reading habits. I’ve moved away from the routine of clipping a few things in the morning then going back at lunchtime or after work to forgetting what I have snipped and then when I open Readability on my iPad I’m bombarded with a stream of new articles.

As a sat last night I felt that I was wading through. These articles weren’t keeping my attention, I was drifting, thinking of other things and other places and eventually I made a decision. I painstakingly deleted everything in my list – the whole 36 saved articles.

The same thing is happening with my TV habits too. We have things on our Tivo box which were recorded in February… 2012. They’re all being removed because I’m never going to watch them.

It comes down to value. If I was going to watch or read these things I would have at the time that I opened the page, or turned on the TV. Is this a common change in behaviour that we are seeing in reading habits for web content?