I will not pre-order

And here is why.
Last week at E3 the announcements were made that all the marketing and sales teams across the globe have been waiting for. What will be the RRP for Sony Playstation 4, and the XboxOne (totally stupid name).

No sooner had it entered the air of the auditoriums the pre-order sales pages were up everywhere. I’ve been suckered into Pre-order before, I pre-ordered the Wii at launch wanting to ensure I had it for xmas to enjoy with my family. GTA San Andreas because of fears of it selling out and Modern Warfare Two because It was almost a year before I got to play Modern Warfare on Playstation 3 due to their poor manufacturing process.

I own both a PS3 and an Xbox360 and didn’t pay for either of them. My PS3 came as a ‘gift’ when I signed up to a mobile phone contract and my Xbox was a leaving present from a job. Even now, I don’t think I would have paid the retail prices for the hardware, which is illogical because I have poured thousands of hours into both.

The up-front cost of next gen consoles are retailing at more money than anyone realistically can afford without using credit. Gaming’s primary audience is perceived to be a lot older than it used to be. However, we know that the purpose for release dates being November – December is to ensure that units ares shifted over the Christmas period; perfect business sense until you want to play something on it.

Neither consoles are backwards compatible with titles from their predecessors. The hundreds of pounds invested in a games collection for your last console once again left for dead. I don’t have a problem with this all that much. There are some titles which I replay but very few and for me I find that on the whole, games date heavily, notably within the control systems and once you realise you don’t have to put up with a janky control setup (Mass Effect) the latest game surpasses it’s possibility for replay anyway (Mass Effect 3).

What I do take issue with is pricing of games themselves. Right now Amazon is pricing new release titles for PS4 & XboxOne at £54-£60.

That is the same outrageous prices we once saw on every console going however even new releases on current gen that release at £45.99 make me baulk and wait often up to 6 months before purchasing at half the price.

Can teenagers really afford £60 for a game? If they can paper rounds really have changed since I did mine (OK, 20 years ago yes and I earned £10.50 a week – £1.50 a day). As I said, this isn’t anything new, when Starfox was released on the SNES it retailed at £50.00. The justification? The new FX Chip (Now there’s some spin for you, one that Nintendo continued the theme of with the N64 Expansion pack for Turok 2, and Rumble Packs).

I remember seeing it on the shelves (Starfox) in WH Smiths and thinking that it must be the greatest thing to have ever been made with a price tag like that, meanwhile I was paying £4.99 for the latest game for my Spectrum 128k.

Maybe peer pressure will strike me. The thought of @futuregaz moaning at me for not being able to co-op or being behind may push me over the edge, but right now with bundles including just one game on PS4 coming in close to £500.00 this kid will have an unhappy Christmas.