I want to endorse bands – on my bike

The all new 2014 Suzuki GSX-R600
The all new 2014 Suzuki GSX-R600

In the motorcycle world there’s a big trend in race replicas. This isn’t something you see so much of with cars, which seems strange, but hey, who am I to judge?

But I’ve got a big problem with race replicas – you pay extra to ride around on the bike of your choice providing free advertising fro multimillion dollar corporations who frankly, don’t need it. There are people who do need it, and that’s my #1 lovers – bands.

A couple of years back, I designed a sponsor pack for my Uncle’s racing team. The brochure included photographs of the cars they were running in the SEMSEC class that year and I had placed your logo here examples to build the livery for the cars and their lorry. It was my first introduction into learning about how totally messed up the financing within motorsports really is, even at grass roots level.

I propose to do the same things with my new Gixxer but instead of Tyco, or Rizla¬†and the like, I want to endorse indipendant¬†music. I’ll come up with a design format with varying sizes and all I ask is that if you’re in a band and you want some free public promotion, design a sticker and it goes on the bike.

Now, bear in mind – I am not charging you to put your sticker on my bike – I’m not looking for sponsorship here, I just want to support you.

In return for your stickers, I will do as many miles and attend as many events that I can where it may get photographed or filmed in 2014. All of the motovlog videos I put on my Youtube channel will display some of your stickies and I promise to submit photos to as many bike mags, blogs and sites I can in the hopes of the story and the bike getting featured.

If you would like to take part in this little experiment, email me.