I can’t understand how Myspace have gone so far past the mark

I accidentally clicked a link and it took my to a band myspace page. I don’t even know how it happened I thought the domain had expired by now.

More terrifying was the grey abomination that presented me when the page loaded up. The sideways scrolling twaddle that constituted content was illegible on my laptop. I then took a look at the NiN page which consists of a tome of a biography split into text columns across several side swipes (down scrolls on the mouse for me).

I decided to hit the home page and see what comes up. Apart from looking like Vevo, here is where Myspace have gone awry. Every artists on display is a paying member of the known and famous club and that for EVERYONE was not what Myspace was about. Sure, the marketing whores and sales pimps sleezed it up by ensuring their artists appeared and had like a gazillion followers and shit but we didn’t care did we? No because we were interested in new music, the golden nuggets hidden on shores far away and that’s what it gave us.

As a musician myself I can say that Myspace was an impressive tool for meeting other artists to collaborate with; we even put together an entire European tour just through myspace in 2008. it also meant that you could get the basic info out to your fans easily, you could push it down their throats if you wanted but you didn’t need to, you put gig dates out and they got looked at, upload a new song, it got listened to. It was the power it gave the independent artist that made it the go-to tool, nobody cared about how bloated a page was with design assets, or the number of videos you could cram on one screen, it was just a bloody good way of getting in touch and collaborating.

I would love to know how many of the artists on the coverflow known as myspace.com log-in to use it. Even Trash Talk, a much beloved thrash band who never stop touring don’t update the page themselves.