Here There Be Monsters Reunion

February 2013 was the last time my EC1000 rang a tirade of white noise, and gutteral sputs from 4×12 speaker cones, perfected through years of engineering. I remember I was recovering from flu. Both my ears were completely blocked, my eyes swelled, and I felt like I was hulking out of my clothes.

That same night, our tour pals Lands had a spectacular performance involving 30 seconds of sound, and then an hour of silence as the vocalist, seemingly walked off the stage, fell, and broke his leg. I’d like to say it was the only Here There Be Monsters show where bones were broken, but it wasn’t.

Last night, nervously, we got back together for the first time in over three years to begin rehearsals for a one-off event: Mammothfest. We’re headlining the RIKSTOCK stage at The Prince Albert, named after a dear friend who lost his life just months before our final show. It’s a genuine honour to have been asked to do this and it didn’t take much thinking time for us to say yes – it’s time.

Being all together at the same time is rare these days. Since our departure from band-life, some of us have moved to other countries, got married, had children, bought houses, all those seemingly grown up things that you realise, don’t make you any different, but they’re certainly life altering experiences. Back in Monster Studios again, our home for so, so many years and it was great to slide back into the familiar, the gear is still in perfect condition, it’s clean, and sounds epic.

gang back together at Monster Studios
gang back together at Monster Studios

Meanwhile, I’m currently on tour, once again, taking my place as Tour Monkey, with Anthony’s latest endeavour, Seek Nothing. A Hardcore band from Berlin with members from Sweden, France, Germany and England they are really something else. If you have a spare 20 minutes this weekend and you’re in the region of Bournemouth, Exeter or Bristol, you should come watch.