Forza 5 first impressions

Before I write anything about the XboxOne itself, I wanted to give a quick summary of my initial thoughts on Forza 5.

A few years back I played an early code of Forza 5 which left me feeling a little empty. I spoke to a guy on the stand and said that it suffered from the same issues as its predecessors – the visuals are stunning but the sound design is bloody terrible. Unbeknown to me at the time the guy I was slating the game to was one of the sound engineers. Ah Well, that was a few years ago.

Sadly, that’s not changed. The audio is tragic, with any car you get into, using any of the various camera views sounding like they’ve been designed and recorded on a Megadrive. This is where Forza has always fallen down to its console rival GT5 (well OK, it’s not the only area it falls down on), but it causes a major bummer on the whole experience meaning that unless you want to rip your ears off you need to pump the soundtrack up to compensate, which in itself is also pish.

But visually…

It’s incredibly detailed. One of the biggest aspects of nextgen consoles are that they’re now only a few years behind PC texture mapping and that glistens here. The lighting models using the in-car view are just astounding. The subtle reflections in across the windshield, how the natural light rolls across the dashboard as you carve your way around a track, blind bends made worse by the early sun, it all adds up to a stunning display.

ooh hello controller how you doing?

Forza5 caught be off-guard. I hit the right trigger to accelerate and suddenly my finger was rumbling. Then I slammed the brakes on with the other trigger and was given the same haptic feedback. This really shows how creative game design can be with the new controller although it’s got some niggling points too. As with the previous Xbox controller in comparison to the PS3 Dual Shock there is just not enough travel in the triggers for you to really know what’s off, half way or all the way down and that for racing games can be frustrating.

I’m also still getting used to the new thumb sticks which I am finding a tad oversensitive and the L3 and R3 are virtually impossible to click down. Luckily Forza 5 doesn’t require you to use to tragic example of a D-pad.

And then they rape your ass

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Forza 5 has been made by EA with its downright disgusting, and incredibly confusing money system which swindles you out of either ‘credits’ your game money as you have always expected it to be; virtual and part of the game, and ‘tokens’.

Tokens are bought with real dollar from your back pocket and allows you to purchase certain vehicles which are highly priced, or fast-track yourself through levelling up (Battlefield 4 stylee) meaning you can get a better car to blitz through the game.

And this is where I have to say the game blows monkey balls. I really hope it gets curbed and we don’t see more games with this dirty tactic and certainly not in triple A titles.

On the flip side, it is jalopnik car porn at its best and that’s what I bought it for.