For Sale: Honda CBR600F-ABS 2011

The Honda CBR600F ('11), my first foray into inline-four's
The Honda CBR600F (’11), my first foray into inline-four’s

Last June I was at breaking point with my Suzuki SV650s. A 1999 V-Twin that looked great but ran like crap. After more time spent at the road side than anywhere else, it was time to get shot of it and buy something made at least in the last century. Enter, the Honda CBR600F.

After a rather wet and grim test-ride¬†courtesy of an old associate Ray at PHMotorcycles, I was impressed with the difference between an inline-four and a V-twin. I found one listed at Carl Rosner in Croydon where my parents have been buying their bikes for years; mind you, they’ve all been Triumphs. After a trip up and kicking it over I was sold. It looks great, sounds nice and had very low mileage. I’m guessing because of the disastrous weather we had throughout 2012 it didn’t see much air from day one.

I became the second owner and since then have done another 1,000 miles on it.

I’ve now got it up for sale on eBay amongst other places and already have had a few enquiries which is a relief as I had somewhat of a shit out of luck experience selling my car on eBay at the start of last year where some jammy git walked away with my pink slip in exchange for a couple of hundred quid. I was not happy.

The simple fact is that after doing a track day last year and taking out the GSX-R600 the other week I’m leaning towards sports bikes and as my old man keeps saying, I better get it out of my system now because it apparently gets harder – I think Shakey Byrne will disagree there dad.

If you’re interested check it out on ebay –¬†