First video with the Drift Ghost-S

Here we go. In preparation for a week out in Avoriaz, I picked up a new Ghost Drift S by innovation. I’ve spent so long debating the do I don’t I, that I decided to screw the go pro route and go Drift.

Here’s the first test, wrong bike maybe but I filmed my ride to work this morning using the helmet mount which I’ve attached to my Snowboard helmet.

Video shot at 1080p 60fps.

Initial Thoughts

First off, the device feels sturdy as hell. I know that it is not crash proof as in, if I drop it at 60mph on a dual carriageway I shouldn’t expect it to be working but you can tell it is going to be able to handle a few knocks.

The menu system is a bit fiddly at first and for some reason it kept resetting my preferences, once I set the clock and saved them to a bank it works fine.

The wrist strap remote is killer. I’ve actually seen people converting wide watch straps already and started to think about whether I might be able to do some modification with an old Nixon strap I have somewhere.

Although I had spent quite a bit of time thinking about how I was going to line it all up last night, I’d say that the angle I set the mount to is too low and needs to be angled up more, something I couldn’t have predicted until seeing a playback. I’m going to move this around and try again this afternoon and see what comes out.

Shoot quality

This is the bit I am not sure of yet. This is a HD camera shooting the fullest range of 1080p yet to my eyes things seem really jagged, there’s very little sharpness to edges, I don’t know whether this is down to my Macbook Pro (although I doubt it as this is a retina display), or the codec, or the software I’m using to quickly edit it.