Finding your purpose type

I am now into the second week of the Happy Startup Home School course. This week we have been focussed on purpose.

The start of the week I found challenging. The combination of picking up a small piece of work which required my fullest attention meant I wasn’t able to really dig into the course material until Thursday. I found myself feeling a little swamped as the group messages came flooding in again; an issue I had discussed with the course leader last week as part of the first week feedback.

The areas we are looking at in Module Two are Mission, Story, Values and then Idea To Action. Laurence McCahill recommended trying out a survey tool on purpose by Imperative. If you’d like to try it yourself it takes 10 minutes and you can find it here

I’ve screen grabbed my results below. It’s described me as a luminary.

1. a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere.
2. archaic
a natural light-giving body, especially the sun or moon.
This surprises me again, as did my strengths test as I don’t see this as being necessarily accurate of my intended nature. I’m not prominent in a particular sphere for example, nor do I wish to be; most of the people who I can think of that I would put that description to are self important and not in the position due to a good will and nature.
I also don’t think that I try to influence people, but I would certainly say I wish to inspire people. This is an interesting labelling which I would like to explore further with some other people. It’s a moment where I would voyeuristically like to hear a conversation about me from other people to see whether any of it rings true with them?
The initial Imperative Statement I do quite like the ring of.
My imperative is to work directly with individuals to help them overcome societal barriers by helping them find answers and increase their knowledge
Considering that is auto generated based on me responding to a series of questions, it rings true with me, I couldn’t have said it better. It does allow you to customise it, I haven’t looked into that yet though.
Results from the Imperative Purpose Type Test
Results from the Imperative Purpose Type Test

If you would like to see more on my purpose type, you can see my Imperative profile here

These statements are helping me a great deal in understanding what the core values and the primary offering for We Are AFK is going to be and, how to present that online.

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