End of December round up

OK, I confess, I’ve ignored you for a long time. Too long perhaps but I have my reasons. This year has been one of some high highs, and some very dark lows.

The year has been riddled with excuses and reasons why this blog hasn’t got updated.

I played a show and nobody filmed it.

The band (Here There Be Monsters) reformed, we played, we disbanded. It was all part of a plan, but we never really bothered documenting it in any way. There was also an element of secrecy around the whole thing, the odd photo here and there but that’s all I could do. If you’re interested in that – go look back through my instagram and the band Facebook page. Had I been able to remember what the account details were for our Tumblr, perhaps I would have made more of an effort to blog on the band stuff but there we go.

I didn’t get to ride a great deal this year leading to a distinct lack of vlogs.

I went on a weekend biking holiday to Wales with my dad and his mates. I learnt how to navigate a supersport 600cc around narrow goat tracks (literal statement) and mountain passes. I then got home and decided it was time for a new challenge and bought a Superbike; A Yamaha R1 to be exact from 2009, the first crossplane engine.

It subsequently gave me 100 miles before dying. It spent the entire summer going between two garages trying to resolve a dead ECU only to find no problem with the ECU but just a simple shorted wire, much to my pain.

There was just a few days in the mountains and nowhere near enough.

The one snowboard trip I took this year was a bit of a blow out because of a week long white out. For the 7 days in Tigne, there was two with good weather, one where caution was thrown to the wind and we went out with 1ft of visibility and it wasn’t all that great.

Nothing marks a year like a loved one leaving.

In October, Cami’s father died. I can’t explain it. I have considered writing down what happened but I just can’t. It will be a long time before any real sense of normal returns to our lives, this is maybe the new normal. In many ways it has brought us all closer.

Of course, some really great things have happened.

And there is a lot to talk about with the work side of things, but that has a better place to live.. I just need to get around to building it.

I had set myself a goal of how much I wanted to have made within my first year, and have reached it with two months to spare. I wanted to have found a partner, but that didn’t go entirely to plan. It didn’t matter because fate has pointed myself and an old friend back towards each other and we’ve started to talk about partnering in recent weeks with the intention of hitting it hard from January.

And honestly, that puts a bow on things.