Drift Ghost-S has a 20 minute recording bug (still)

In the first part of this year Innovation released a firmware update for their newest (and my chosen action cam) Drift Ghost-S. One of the listed bug fixes was to resolve an issue with recording stopping after 20 minutes.

Last week I lent the camera to a friend to record his laps at Big Dog, a mountain bike race held in Brighton. he said there was confusion due to the camera routinely beeping around the 45 minute course – he thought it had stopped recording.

I’ve noticed this once or twice but when I’ve got home found I have all the footage but it is a number of files. I had thought this was because my glove may have been bumping the remote wristwatch stopping and starting it but on further investigation I have found this is not the case.

There is still a bug in the Drift Ghost-S, and possibly throughout the range which relates to the formatting of the memory card as Fat32. The file system can only create a file with a maximum size of 4GB. This was one of the main reasons for Microsoft developing NTFS which gave more control.

It would seem this is not a problem which can ever be resolved by the team at Drift Innovation, I’m currently waiting for some response from their technical team regarding the problem. However, part of the fix is to ensure that sufficient buffering is done so that when the file reaches the limit point recorded stops/starts and yes this means another file, but you should not lose any recorded events.