Drift Ghost-S and Final Cut Pro X

Sunburnt. This is an image capture from the Drift Ghost-S
Sunburnt. This is an image capture from the Drift Ghost-S

The second video from our trip to Avoriaz and learning about shooting with the Drift Ghost S and editing with NLE’s.

The main thing that has become apparent from this latter footage is rolling shutter and exposure issues. I think I’ve figured out how to combat this in these situations, it is just a shame that we didn’t have a computer to playback footage whilst we were away to learn from what we shot each day and know what makes good footage and what settings to use.

Again, as with everything else this was all shot at 1080p 60fps with a normal bit-rate setting.

For editing, after learning about the problems with new MacbooK Pro’s and Intel Iris GPU not being compatible for hardware rendering in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, I downloaded a 30 day trial of Final Cut Pro X.

There are still some things really really wrong with Final Cut Pro X around the single timeline model and creating clips, but I do think it is an application that holds its own. The interface is complete bollocks, but the settings in it are reasonable.

There is of course the issue of a serious lack of effects and plugins, plus the fact that the all important Compressor is now a stand-alone application which costs another £60.00. I’ve created a project here again keeping all the existing settings and then exported to h264 at 25fps before uploading.

Not even Iron Man would want to pay for all the Apple extras.

Looking on RGB Parade everything appeared to be 1.5-2 stops under exposed, as soon as I started to punch it up the shots really came to life and felt more vibrant, I haven’t done any colour correction or grading at all. Unfortunately for me, those underexposed stills in a clip I balanced with were quick blown out by sections of footage that were over exposed.

It has been very interesting to learn about NLE’s and in particular two of the so called big hitters. But, for what I work on, I am going to risk looking a putts and say iMovie is equally as capable of doing this work.

Cami is currently putting together her first ever video edit of her Skiing footage from this trip and is using the old iMovie on a Snow Leopard Macbook, I’ll be linking to it once it is out.