Doing something because you should

I was sat in a conference hall when my phone informed me that a show I was going to had been cancelled and would not be rescheduled. Another email followed with a notice of refund. I don’t know why, what it was at that moment that drove me but I headed to twitter.

Jonah shortly replied.

I’m blessed to work in an incredibly diverse space, with a very open group. I checked the diary and we had nothing booked in and decided I could fix this. I know what it is like first hand being on tour and a promoter pulling out, it can completely mess your schedule and you also have to consider the people who were going to attend, I can only imagine how worse it is if you’ve travelled 7,000 miles for the pleasure.

Using Twitter, Jonah and I arranged a time, he put together an RSVP list on his site, and at around 20:30, I sat down with 12 other people, friends, and fans for a very intimate, fun and special performance in 68 Middle St, and wow, the sound is just astounding.

If you can – do

We are all guilty of having something we can share with people and keeping it to ourselves, something which Jonah himself commented on, talking about how his love for playing and sharing music with people was what drove him and how he spends time with his daughter and explaining that daddy doesn’t have to go away for work – daddy wants to go away for work, it’s what makes him, him.

I believe that sharing whatever that gift you have, or even a commodity that you may have forgotten is what makes us good people, and I was thankful for being able to share this space with a few people, even if just for one night.

I want to thank everyone who came, from my old flat mate who I had not seen for 5 years, the lady who is soon to introduce the future into this world with the birth of her child, the guy who retold the story of being in 68 Middle Street for an illegal rave a few years ago and everyone who commented on how wonderful the space is and how fortunate we are to have a creative and open space like it in Brighton. I also want to thank Jonah Matranga for making that happen. I may have opened the doors and turned the lights off at the end but ultimately, it was his joyful persona and his music which brought this little group of people together. I hope to see you all again soon.