Did someone say Facial Pudding?

Every few months, I check back in on Thrash Hits. Today I found a final farewell post, it’s over, nobody has the time so long, farewell. http://www.thrashhits.com/2015/05/goodbye/. Raz, and shortly after Hugh made things happen for me, and gave me opportunities that I didn’t always capitalise on. It’s safe to say, if I had, I’d be living in London right now and scraping a living as a photographer for whatever music rag would take my work, or for someone much bigger, but that’s another story entirely.

I had good times with Thrash Hits, made some good friends, and I admit, I’ve not kept in touch with any of them, much to my own lazyness, but also feeling more and more disconnected from the world we were part of and tried to help shape. I wrote and took photos for Thrash Hits for a number of years. I rebuilt the site on more than one occasion after virus attacks and some bad times being delisted by Google. We shot festivals, shows, and some great editorials, like the come-back of Eearthtone9. It was as independent as anything could ever be. We got into some fights with a few bands, Raz became a Meme on Tumblr, had t-shirts made of it, and a whole series of quite bizarre video interviews at Download, Sonisphere and anywhere else we could get into.

In a more than strange way, if it weren’t for Raz, I’d not meet the wonderful woman I share my life with now.

I found myself a few years ago struggling to write anything about an album that wasn’t expressing how shit I felt it was, failing to hone what I have gained later on in producing reviews of things without personal bias. Thanks to Hugh, I have become a far greater writer and it has made a huge impact on my day-job and made me an far better UX Designer.

http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m71paai7di1r93zizo1_500.gifBlack Veil Brides

What Thrash Hits did provide for me, wasn’t just opportunities to document artists, whether they lived long or burnt out and faded away but it showed me things I never knew existed, I was able to experience the entire #ukswell before it imploded on itself, see early shows of bands that are now striving forward into the mainstream, and experience some momentous occasions like the return of Earthtone9 at Sonisphere, this little band called Turbowolf playing to Hugh, Raz, myself and maybe 10 other people in a tent at Offset, meeting shit loads of people I never thought I would spend 5 minutes with like Jerry Cantrell, Kurt Ballou, and so, so many others.

I can’t recall the last time I saw either of them, Hugh maybe a few years back at Soundgarden in Hyde Park? and Raz I have recollection of being at Islington Academy so that must have been for Will Haven reforming… fuck that was so long ago. Being by the sea whilst everyone else was in London really hit home to me at the point where I ‘handed in my pass’, I was struggling to stay in it when London pretty much runs the media in the UK, doesn’t matter how much I think Brighton has had a scene at the time, it wasn’t sustainable compared to the power and accessibility of London and I just couldn’t move up there. Sometimes I wish I had.

So, Raz has done all kinds of things with major magazines, so has Hugh and now I think Raz lives in LA, the only way I know this is somehow I got email marketed by the company he now works for and I recall having an email convo with Hugh about hosting or some other techy diarrhea maybe this time last year. I know, like me, they’re still out, still hitting shows, and most likely still writing something for someone somewhere. I hope it continues.

Raz & Hugh – Fuck you guys. Enjoy the sunshine, I hope we see each other soon.

Raz and Hugh Thrash Hits