Diary update: January 2014

Already we’ve caned through an entire month, filled with the dark, stormy, miserable experience that is winter.

I’ve never been all that bothered about what the weather is doing, I have always felt that as a Brit’, if your going to allow the weather to dictate what frame of mind or mood you’re going to be in then you’re pretty fucked.

But in recent years as I have made more of a cognitive effort to be in outside spaces, slowly but quite steadily overcoming agoraphobia, something that has been triggered on and off by anxiety management over the years, I have found that yes, we do need reliable weather conditions.

Two years ago I missed the stag weekend I was best man for because I was in a car stuck in a flood just outside Yeovil. It was the second week of July. Last year I estimate that I spent just over 20 days on a motorbike out of a possible 365 due to unsuitable weather conditions.

Last weekend I chose to throw caution to the wind, togged up in my winter gear and rode to Battle. I went through multiple showers like they were blocked out, several floods and took a wrong turn because I sign had blown down, but I refuse to let this shitty country grind me.

The one thing it did bring as a perk was an excuse to spend some time on some interior projects. Cami and I are almost complete on renovating our second bedroom from what was once my office (see my adventures as a freelancer) into a walk-in wardrobe and guest bedroom. We’ve learnt that you shouldn’t try cleaning rollers covered in mold and damp repellent paint in the bath if you don’t want to then use wire wool to clean the bath – and yourself, and that boilers are the most complicated and expensive things to buy and fit with more regulations than getting a road sign installed in Brighton.

Thanks to a friend with an eye of business, I’ve now got garage space for the first time in over a decade! It’s not too far to get to from the house and I can now do maintenance on my bike anytime of the year, and after all what are the winter months for? I bought a paddock stand (amazing) and have been hard at work, stripping things down to get rid of rust and general road crud, fitted a scott oiler, which looks bloody untidy because I have tie-wrapped it onto the rear hanger for the pillion peg with white not black ties (oh the horror!). I’ve also been buying up some other fassy parts like new levers, foot pegs and guards.

My SFIV is picking up now that I’ve managed to get a decent fightstick for the Xbox 360; having to switch because all the tournaments are not on PS3 where I have all my stuff. There’s now copies of everything important in the office meaning I can get in a couple of minutes most days at lunchtime to work on timings and figuring out which character should become my go-to. I am really liking Yun at the moment, but then can I really pull off rushdown?

MVC3 has virtually crippled my hands but after such a shameful defeat at I Am Arcade last week (see here on Youtube), I wanted to start playing the game so that never happens again. Still don’t have a team together but I can Advancing Guard whatever you throw at me and once I’ve worked out how to force you to snap back it will all be over. I’m going for defence over attack for the time being which Gaz thinks is nuts but I’ll prove him wrong.

Plans are all in place for the coming months with some time in Avoriaz snowboarding in March and working on a plan to do a bike trip into Europe maybe over the Easter period. I also want to get to a MotoGP in Europe this year, either back to Spain or Germany, undecided yet, but cost-wise you can get a full pass for the weekend for less than 1 day at Silverstone in the pissing rain at the end of the at the end of the season where nothing happens or everyone is injured and out. hmmm.

For the last few weeks I have been working on a prototype with Mark that is just blowing my mind not to mention that I have had a complete learning overload with this project involving twig, prontotype, grunt, composer, npm, sass and some other nerdy bollocks he’s tossed in there all in the name of efficiency. I’m certainly not saying he’s wrong but I don’t understand none of it!

No gigs yet but August Burns Red, Defeater and there’s something else coming up all in the next month or so.