Death of the Avangelist

It was a name given to me, like most names it was not one that I chose but it was a reflection of my-self. It has carried itself with me for a very long time and today I made a significant decision although one in fact made a long time ago. The first domain I purchased was I wanted to have a website to show off my design portfolio; grunge mashups that were the hype of the time, sites made for bands and album artwork for too many artists to remember. Later I bought, not really understanding the concept of sub-domains and here was where my photographs and stories lived.

Last year I began to migrate my web-based services out of Bluehost to other places, finally finding a home with A Small Orange. Today expired, along with the hosting it was on and it will be dead in 30 days. I want my data to die and with the DO NOT RENEW button clicked, I’ve now turned off the life support, she will fade into the ether quietly, peacefully and I hope what she finds on the other side will be better than what she’s suffered over the last 5 years.

I don’t evangelise anything anymore, I’m lost, staggering around blindly in a world where everything is too close to the middle to know what is just and true.

May you rest in peace.