Brighton SOURCE stops printing

Over the weekend, Brighton’s first and longest running free magazine SOURCE announced it would no longer be printed.

As many people will say, when I moved to Brighton the SOURCE was the bible for doing anything. The internet was just starting to find its feet in the world of listings and a combination of SOURCE and Friday Ad were your guides to this wonderful, diverse city.

On and off for several years I worked with James (Editor, Owner, Founder) and many others, writing reviews and interviews, and assisting on a number of cover story photo shoots with the talented team at the now defunct Garage Studios.

Without SOURCE, there are countless acts I would never have heard of let alone seen. I wouldn’t have been able to write some of my preferred work, or got to see some larger artists that were harder to get access to.

Not the first time Brighton SOURCE has been in a difficult position, there was a buyout from the Argus which didn’t go well to say the least but it was reclaimed and regained status quickly. Others have come and gone around it, the dreadful XYZ, the average BN1 to name a few, but SOURCE has always been able to stay on top because the quality was there.

I met some great friends through SOURCE and now I regret not being part of the family for the last few years.

I hope that SOURCE can live on as a site. It has some tough competition in some respects, notably from, who have been working hard in since it’s launch in 2011 to become a primary gig listing for Brighton. For me, it’s lost its way fast with much of it’s charm already lost such as pushing lesser shows and trying to become part of the local community scenes. This is where SOURCE have a chance to reclaim some real estate. No, it’s not a turf war, but we shouldn’t let the SOURCE die, this is a second chance for all of us to rally behind something that makes a difference.