Aperture Vs Lightroom, a real user review

Lightroom 4 on OSX still blazing fast.
Lightroom 4 on OSX still blazing fast.

Since the first beta of Lightroom I have used it. Around the final release launch of it I played about with Aperture as a studio I was working at regularly were swearing by it. I couldn’t stand it. Something about it just didn’t feel right at all.

I never thought about it again until last month when I realised I have a Lightroom library broaching 100GB and just opening the latest version on my 2008 Macbook Pro with 4GB RAM forced beach balling and lock ups. Not fun.

I’ve done 4 projects in Aperture, spent a little bit of time learning some of the features exported and thrown up to Flickr and I got to say, it’s still a very average program.

Yes, Lightroom has the defacto Adobe feature bloat UI of all Adobe apps. Yes it has some annoyances around the keyword system (oh what I would do for a tag interface and no taxonomy madness) and no I still don’t understand the difference between a collection,set and collection set.

As a result, it’s back to Lightroom and I’ll be slinging my new latest images into Lightroom for backup and leaving Aperture to I don’t know, mucking about with camera phone shots.