A Week With Skillshare

I saw a tweet from Dan Rubin, web luvvie, Instagram mogul and a fantastic photography. It was directing me to his free course on taking better mobile photos via the site Skillshare. I’d not heard of it before, and having missed an opportunity to do a workshop with Dan this year on mobile photography at some conference somewhere, I thought I’d take a look.

At the same time, I clicked on a handful of other courses, well if you’re going to be forced to create an account you may as well fill it up with shit right? And fill it up with shit I did. OK, you may feel that my use of the word shit is overly aggressive or inflammatory. I signed up to 10 different skillshare courses, all were based on photography of some form or another. I thought, hey here’s a nice way to pick up a few new ideas and techniques I didn’t know before and maybe inspire me to get off my ass and go shoot something again.

Pretty, pretty damn empty

I spent an afternoon going through a stack of photography courses, to come to the conclusion that Skillshare has a very solid format. A series of videos that are incredibly well shot, perfectly curated and tell you bugger all. What I came away feeling was that I had stumbled upon the newest way in which to advertise yourself, your business, or your partners int he guise of education and it’s left me a little sour in the mouth.