A month with TextMate

For April I used TextMate exclusively for creating html, css, javascript and php files. I did this with an out of the box install, no playing around with packages or bundles or extensions, just as it comes.

In all, I found it quite a struggle. I know this is where life is made easier by installing a bundle, but I like to take things as they come.

It took about a week to get used to some of the frequently used shortcuts which were for quite standard actions in an IDE, for example, having to type cmd+alt+. to close a tag was an exhaustive process which made me realise that Adobe has spoilt me for some time with auto closing tags.

The find and replace works quite well, but again seemed to require a deal of effort.

The interface itself is faultless, completely clear of any junky UI, it is clear that in developing Brackets Adobe have done more than a casual nod to TextMate.

Which brings me onto my next trial. For the month of May I am going to work in Brackets exclusively. Currently on Sprint 24, I shied away a few months back due to the frustration of having to grab a DMG every few days with updates.

The current version seems quite stable and some of the new features that were shown off during yesterdays’ AdobeMax Keynote have caught my eye, for example, the live view is a novel idea as is the visual colour palette picker from your stylesheet along with those oh so familiar shortcuts and features.