5 signs you should quit your job

We’ve all felt that sense it might be time to move on.
Sometimes our hand is forced, other times we have held in too long and made things worse for ourselves and our colleagues. Here’s 5 signs you need to quit your job pronto.

1. Us Vs Them

The first indicator that you should quit your job is when you stop talking about the company you are in as an us.

People who have passion for their work, care for what they do, love the thing they sell and believe in the company they work for talk about we.

We create web apps, we have a SaaS product, we match people who want to play tennis together.

These are all positive statements that show unity and a sense of being part of something. It’s this vibe that every business wants and needs.

The best culture can create advocates of every person there whether they founded the business, do book keeping part time or spend all day writing code or machining parts.

When can you spot that you’re not happy anymore and should quit?

When you start saying they.

They sell web apps, they have a product for tennis enthusiasts. Then when you have been there too long: they don’t know what they’re doing, they handled it badly, they never listen to what I say.

If you think back to recent conversations with people and spot you have being saying they – or the name of the company in conversations, like it is a divorced entity from yourself, you’ve subconsciously checked out and it’s time to go.

2. Values and ethics

If you’re working for a company that sells something you really don’t care about, don’t do it.

Honestly, there are so many businesses out there, you can find one you really want to be part of. It is a waste of your time and anyone who does care, if your heart isn’t in it.

Things change over time. When you started out you may have been enamoured with the product, or how the brand appeared in public. After a while you lost interest, it wasn’t getting you fired up and eventually you just want to burn it all down.

You think everything sucks, you don’t agree with what’s coming up and keep looking at competitors wishing you were there.

My advice? email that competitor and see if you can move, who knows maybe it’ll be greener on that grass after all.

3. The end of day rant at home

When you’re not happy at work, your home isn’t happy either.

It is tough for all of us to not  talk to our loved ones and friends about work when things are going sour. We want to be reassured that we aren’t the ones in the wrong, that despite not being listened to at work there’s someone at home who understands.

And they do! Just don’t forget the impact it has on them too.

What we easily forget is that those people we love so much are having to carry our problems too as well as their own. No matter how much you care for someone bad feelings rub off, and it can turn their positive vibes into negative ones.

If every day you come home and have to spend hours ranting about what was crap today – don’t go in tomorrow.

Stay at home write your resignation letter, enjoy some daytime TV (the perfect motivator for getting a job) and hand it in tomorrow.

4. Come in late go home early

Seems obvious but if you’re not waking up every day thinking woohoo! I’m off to work, then your job sucks. When you roll in at 10, go out for lunch and then pack up at 4 the flag is up, you are out the game.

If you’ve reached this point you’re either looking for someone to push you off the cliff, or the culture in your company is so bad that nobody has the courage to tell you to stop acting like a jerk.

Best thing to do in this case is come in early, give your boss your letter on his way in and leave at 10.

5. Trying to change the way the business runs

Unless you are the boss, you can’t act like the boss. It is a painful sensation but if you spend more time trying to change how things run, or you keep steering things into something that resembles the idea you have you are heading for choppy waters.

Some businesses encourage this kind of thinking, and you should go find them because they’re awesome to work for and will have you feeling like the valued employee you should be in a matter of days.

Sadly, for the majority of this world, businesses are run by people who have realised that every company is the greatest pyramid scheme you can ever be on top of and they’re not interested in you toppling the pile or climbing to their perch.

Start your own business, quit this one.

Life is what you make it

As scary as it sounds there are so, so many better things to do with your time than work for people, or companies you don’t agree with and don’t want to be committed to.

I often talk with my students about the fear.

For many of us the idea of just walking out the door, or handing in your notice with nothing to go to would give you a cold sweat, and panic. Fear creates adrenaline and for some of us that rush is all you need to gain a positive outlook on life, and the confidence that something better is around the corner – they just haven’t found it yet.

Yes, it’s sensible to have something to go to. But if you’re like me, you need the fear of uncertainty to motivate you and the next thing will come to you unexpectedly and sooner than you think.

I’ve quit more jobs than I’ve stayed in, that’s not a bad thing, this is not Dickensian London – there is no permanent record. Try things out, if it’s not right leave! Find the next thing and try again.

What are your signs that it’s time to go?

I’d love to hear your triggers on when its time to leave, stick them in the comments below.