UX Brighton is an inclusive community event, anyone regardless of age, gender, culture, or experience is welcome and able to take part. The industry is diverse, with many differing opinions and all are welcome.

It can be intimidating for many to speak in front of a group of strangers, and for some of us this is part of the job we do. Lightning talks provide a great way to practice your public speaking skills, not so that you can become a public speaker on the conference circuit (although if that is your goal even better), but to improve your delivery in meetings, presentations or even job interviews.

We encourage those who have never spoken before, or who have but are finding it still gives them the fear, to take part and gain the confidence they need. UX Brighton events are not just for UX practitioners: designers, content writers, anyone working on digital projects; are all welcome.

UX Brighton Lightning events are held at 68 Middle St and are evening events running every 3 months, they are kept small with no more than 50 people attending and 6 people speaking.

OK, I’d like to speak

User Experience is all encompassing. What you choose to share is whatever you think others may find useful. There are no subjects too big or too small, levels of experience or skills are not important. If you’ve only just started your career, or you’re long in the tooth - this is a great time to give it a go, whether you want to share how to manage a backlog, run a user test or highlight the many, many flaws in video game UI - everything is welcome.

There is just one rule and that is - you have 5 minutes.

Submit at talk idea

Send us your idea using this form. We will contact you to talk more and find a good time for your to take part.

Speaker request form: https://docs.google.com/a/byandyparker.com/forms/d...

*No free garlic bread if it is over the allotted time.