the problem with XboxOne HDMI passthrough

I love the idea of the XboxOne integration with Television services. The options for creating a more interesting television viewing experience by having my cable box (not available yet in the UK) running through the Xbox. Fast switching between gaming and TV, showing TV broadcasts in the snap view so i can continue playing whilst my special lady waits for Home and Away to start all ticks boxes for me, or at least it would if it weren’t for one fatal flaw. Continue reading “the problem with XboxOne HDMI passthrough”

Forza 5 first impressions

Before I write anything about the XboxOne itself, I wanted to give a quick summary of my initial thoughts on Forza 5.

A few years back I played an early code of Forza 5 which left me feeling a little empty. I spoke to a guy on the stand and said that it suffered from the same issues as its predecessors – the visuals are stunning but the sound design is bloody terrible. Unbeknown to me at the time the guy I was slating the game to was one of the sound engineers. Ah Well, that was a few years ago. Continue reading “Forza 5 first impressions”